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Name: Natasha Mitsengendler
Date of Birth: 07/14/81
Nationality: Russian, Korean, Greek, & Jewish
Place of Birth: Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan
Location: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Hair Color: Brown (Blonde at the moment)
Hair Length: Long
Hair Type: Curly
Eye Color: Hazel
Build: Normal
Complexion: Skinny
Skin Quality: Good
Shoe Size: 8.5
Dress Size: Small
Spoken Languages: Russian & English
Modeling Level: Beginner

I am willing to do modeling contracts with agencies. I am available for assignments worldwide with all expenses paid. I am interested in Runway Modeling, Print Work, Film/TV/Acting, Commercials, Sport, Casual, Portraits, Swim wear, and Lingerie. No nude please.

Modeling Inquiries Contact at:


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